About us
Welcome to the Mecwide Group.

To be a part of the Mecwide group is to have the opportunity of belonging to an international team where employees are valued and where there is a strong focus on training.
Thanks to our ambition, we exceed barriers and the dream of internationalization that seemed distant became real.
I am certain that this achievement is largely due to our ability to create a culture that continuously demands competence and excellence, and to the way we operate in the market. We are dynamic yet always committed to the values that got us here; we act with moderation, simplicity and above all, transparency.

Set out on this discovery. Get to know the Mecwide Group.

Founder and CEO
Carlos Palhares



The Mecwide values are the foundation on which the recognition of our outlook is based. Our bearing - how we operate.

They are what defines the group and how the group wishes to define itself.



In always wanting more. Going further and developing increasingly better and tailored products and services for our customers.


We put everything we have into what we do.


Our desire for achievement drives us to surpass goals and achieve results towards the main objective: to be a worldwide reference.


Each day is a new opportunity to develop skills. To be more professional.


Act in a responsible, sustainable and evolutionary manner.

Carlos Palhares
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Executive Committee

Born August 30, 1971 Carlos was appointed as Chief Executive Officer since the inception...

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André Pinto
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Committee

Born August 24, 1976 André joined the company in April 2013 as Chief Financial Officer following...

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Paulo Salvador Barradas
Chief Operations Officer
Executive Committee

Born December 10, 1979 Paulo was nominated as Chief Operations Office in January 2012 after...

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Pedro Teles
Technical Sales Director
Executive Committee

Born June 2, 1979 Pedro joined Mecwide Group in June 2014 to lead the Technical Sales department...

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Luís Reis
Engineering Services Manager
Executive Committee

Born March 2, 1974 Luis joined the company in mid-2012 to develop the Engineering Department and...

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Orlando Veríssimo
Plant Manager
Mecwide Fabrication

Born November 15, 1955 Orlando joined Setrova (currently Mecwide Fabrication unit) in 1994...

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Luís Ventura
Diretor Industrial
Unidade de Fabricação Sines

Nascido a 20 de Setembro de 1967
Luis Ventura juntou-se ao Grupo
Mecwide em Dezembro de 2014,
cumprindo as funções de Director...

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André Veleda
Country Manager

Born September 26, 1974 André came aboard in mid-2013 with a ...

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Herculano Silva
Trading Manager
Mecwide Group

Born October 17, 1966 Herculano joined Mecwide in 2014, to develop Mecwide Angola as...

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