About us

Founded in 1983, Setrova is the metalworking manufacturing unit of the Mecwide group, strategically located in the industrial zone of Sines, near the port and the main petrochemical units in the country.

Over 30 years, the business specialized in the implementation of industrial projects, construction and assembly of industrial piping networks, maintenance of industrial equipment and maintenance engineering support, especially for the refining, mining, cement and paper pulp industries.

In 2014, the Mecwide group acquired 80% of Setrova, a result of the already defined growth and internationalization strategy, combining the knowledge and technical capacity of the team in the manufacturing unit with the resources of the Mecwide Group.


Zil 2, Rua D, Lote 10
7520-309 Sines | PORTUGAL

N 37º57'22" W 8º50'54"

T +351 269 630 400
F +351 269 630 408