After a few months implementing the 5S methodology at the Mecwide head office facilities in Barcelos, it recently became necessary to also implement this methodology at Setrova, which aims to establish a pleasant, organised and clean working environment, as well as to promote worker awareness of the work force and the need for discipline.

This methodology, which reinforces one of the safety pillars of the Group and increases work productivity and quality, is composed of five principles (5 S): Seiri – Organisation Principle, Seiton – Systematic Arrangement Principle, Seiso -Cleanliness Principle, Seiketsu – Standardisation Principle and Shitsuke – Continual Improvement Principle.

Based on these 5 pillars, an initial phase has been ongoing since July, at the Mecwide manufacturing unit, with training courses, the reorganisation of the company’s files and construction/maintenance work in different areas of the buildings.

The second phase will be directed toward the production process, with particular focus on construction quality and productivity. The implementation of the 5S methodology in the company’s