Business Units

Mecwide was founded in 2009 and guides its engineering activity in the metallurgical industry, through high standards of safety and quality. 

We aim to be a reference company offering integrated EPC solutions – Engineering, Procurement and Construction. 

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Business Unit, basis her activity on the experience acquired and ability to manage integrated facilities, optimizing spaces, processes and technologies, accompanying each industrial project in an attentive and particular way, namely with:

 full or partial provision of technical maintenance services, under contract or one-off intervention;
 outsourcing maintenance contracts;
industrial mountaineering; 

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Mining & Cement

Mining & Cement Business Unit ensures the client a high capacity and experience in developing construction projects. From the engineering phase, to the construction, assembly and commissioning of the facilities, or just in their mechanical maintenance, this business unit offers solutions tailored to your client, either on a contract basis or just in time. The high international experience combined with the wide range of operations in the market, guarantees the customer a robust solution for their projects

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Modular Systems

Modular Systems Business Unit is strongly geared towards the engineering and manufacturing of skids and modular systems. Internationally recognised by its experience in project execution, particularly for oil & gas industry, it domains various international standards. The projects are executed from an engineering stage, through manufacturing and complementary activities (painting, insulation, electricity and instrumentation, thermal treatments, hydraulic tests and non-destructive tests), ending with factory tests and final delivery.

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Business Unit is the heart of Mecwide. With a strong ignition in the Dutch market and very focused on the construction of Jackets and Top-sides, this business unit has been diversifying its scope of action, in the course of its activity. With a consolidated capacity in the performance of mechanical engineering services in refineries and petrochemicals, it guarantees to its clients the know-how and experience from Up-Stream to Down-Stream. 

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Industry & Energy

Industry and Energy Business Unit ensures the execution of EPC projects. As a result of its excellent location in terms of maritime transport, it ensures the execution of the project’s fabrications (piping, metallic ducts, metallic structures, equipment and various boilers) in Portugal. On-site assembly is ensured by highly qualified teams with strong national and international experience, capable of managing the various stages and specialties of the projects, delivering to the client a complete service.

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