Sectors of Activity
Sectors of Activity


The Mecwide Group wants to be an integral part of your project. From the identification of a need to the implementation of a solution, we support the process from manufacturing to commissioning, ensuring a complete and secure service.
We develop projects for the most varied ends with a special approach in the Oil & Gas, Production of Energy, Industrial Installation, Automobile, Mining Industry, Cement and Paper markets.

• Metalworking construction (pipes, silos, tanks, cyclones, etc).
• Construction of equipment (Filters, transporters, skids, etc).
• Prefabrication and installation of industrial piping in different materials.
(carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, polyethylene, etc).
• Construction of pipelines.
• Equipment assembly.
• Project Commissioning.
• Project management.
• QA/QC and safety management.


Based on past experience and an integrated facility management, we optimise spaces, processes and technologies to accompany each industrial design in an attentive and particular way.

• Integral or partial provision of technical maintenance services under contract or on an individual basis.
• Maintenance contracts through outsourcing arrangements.
• Industrial climbing.
• Multiple areas of support (fluid systems, water, sewage, gas, electricity, carpentry).
• Indoor air quality (HVAC, Ventilation).
• Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.
• Optimisation of energy efficiency and quality.


Based in our accumulated experience in the several activity sectors we have developed a Trading division, aiming to support the needs of our clients in the regions where we operate.

We differentiate our Products from our competition based in quality and innovation. We strive to present turnkey solutions, adapting ourselves to the difficulties of our Clients.

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Our multidisciplinary organisation deals with all requisite technical and administrative functions in performing upstream or downstream engineering work for Oil and Gas operators, industrial companies, or for any other engineering and manufacturing requirement. Our business is conceived according to the specificities of each customer and the priorities of the business.

• Research and development.
• Projects & Design - PDMS, AutoPLANT, Microstation, Inventor.
• Outsourcing Services.
• Global Purchases.
• Logistics.
• Industrialisation.
• Financing / Budgeting.
• Quality Services Support.


We are committed to the up-to-date certification of specialised professionals. We believe in training as one of the main factors of success of our team.

It is our objective to train and certify competent professionals in our area of intervention, resulting in better prepared professionals for the reality of industrial work in the areas of:

• Welding
• Piping and preparation
• QA / QC
• Safety – VCA
• Industrial Climbing